6/16/24 updated miranda's page with new text, decided to migrate the blog from the iframe to just the logs page (soon enough i will replace the LOGS button with a BLOG button), also, new blog posts

5/22/24 button

5/15/24 fixed mirandas page jesus christ

5/14/24 added some new stamps/blinkies/buttons on lovenest page, made a couple of blog posts. revised to-do list, added my last.fm in the about iframe, new quiz result

5/11/24 havent done an update in a while. saved index from despair, changed colors/background, made the fish draggable (move him if he's in the way!)

8/07/23 changed the about page around, added weekly pleasures

8/05/23 restructured the about page and added some information, fixed the strange sizing on lovenest, changed the font color sitewide

8/04/23 made lovenest page (wip) and started miranda's page

7/03/23 didn't do much this go 'round but added my artfight profile and edited a couple of typos and whatnot. more to come

5/25/23 i added the fishes but im not sure how good their positioning is.. orz.. i did the about page and the buttons yesterday i think. i made a couple of gifs to put on here later as well

5/24/23 i decided to entirely rebuild this site after "" finishing "" up the stillbury site.. i think i have learned quite a bit and can make this site with some level of competency now lmfao... i added the top/side bars, the main container, the gif, the text, i drew the little logo, etc etc